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  1. Motion analysis of the glenohumeral joint during activities of daily living.
    Lovern B, Stroud LA, Ferran NA, Evans SL, Evans RO, Holt CA.
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    PMID: 21153974 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE] Related citations
  2. Locked intramedullary fixation vs plating for displaced and shortened mid-shaft clavicle fractures: a randomized clinical trial.
    Ferran NA, Hodgson P, Vannet N, Williams R, Evans RO.
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  3. Pitfalls in the diagnosis of infection around the shoulder joint–report of three cases.
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  6. Evaluation of a bioresorbable polylactide sheet for the reduction of pelvic soft tissue attachments in a porcine animal model.
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  7. Predicting in vivo clinical performance of anterior cruciate ligament fixation methods from in vitro analysis: industrial tests of fatigue life and tolerance limits are more useful than other cyclic loading parameters.
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  9. Evaluation of a bioabsorable polylactide film in a large animal model for the reduction of retrosternal adhesions.
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  12. Playing with metal: fracture implants and contact sport.
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